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Montage Terms and Conditions

  • Once payment is received, it is non-refundable.

  • Limit up to 60 PICTURES AND 3 SONGS.

  • Pictures send in must be in .jpg or .png format.

  • Video will be sent via a dropbox link in .mp4 format.

  • Hard copy (DVD or Thumb drive) is available at a top-up of $20 which includes normal postage.

  • Additional pictures will be subject to $10 for every 10 photos. 

  • It is not recommended to have more than 60 pictures as it will make the montage too long and draggy.

  • Please collage your pictures yourself if required. (Average Montage Length: 4 mins to 5 mins)

  • Production takes 1 TO 14 WORKING DAYS to process and subject to availability. (Working day do not include Saturday / Sunday / Public Holidays). 

  • EXPRESS SERVICES of less than 7 WORKING DAYS will be available at an extra cost of $80 for (Postcard, Travel and Comic Templates) and $150 for (Summer, Fantasy and Bonita Templates). Please contact us first for availability first before ordering. 

  • Revisions to the montage required 1 TO 14 WORKING DAYS. (Changes that are informed in less than 7 working days before your delivery date will also be subjected to EXPRESS CHARGES of $50 and availability) 

  • A Manda Film will only process the photos once it is sent in order as per instructions stated on 

  • Please DOUBLE CHECK and confirm your pictures before transferring them over as removing, adding, changing, rearranging MORE THAN 10 PICTURES will be considered as working on a brand new montage and will be charged as a brand new montage.

  • Photos are advised to send in 30 days before the actual wedding date. Please send in pictures early to avoid disappointments.

  • No customisation is allowed as this is a standard template (Example: Changing fonts, moving caption designs, etc )

  • Editing of pictures is not included and it is subjected to cost. (Example: photoshop, cropping, colours, collage, the addition of arrows)

  • Scanning photo services will be subjected to a service charge of $20 and availability. An additional $30 is charged for picking up the photos. (Suggestion: You can take pictures with your phone or camera instead of scanning)

  • Additional of 1 video clip at the end of the montage (Max of 1-minute length only) is free of charge. Editing a given video clip will be subjected to cost.

  • Re-edits - Video will be subject to 1 consolidated revisions only. Additional revisions will be charged accordingly.

  • Technical errors will be corrected free of charge, however, a charge will be made to correct any errors reported after the final copy is supplied.

  • Music Choice - Customer may choose their choice of music if not A Manda Film will do so with royalty-free music. (Please send over the preferred songs) 

  •  It is the customer's responsibility to obtain all necessary rights for the use of all music used for the video.

  • A Manda Film will be given consent to use any images or videos for display, promotional, advertising purpose or any purpose thought proper unless informed otherwise by the customer.

  •  Copyrights will be held jointly between A Manda Film and the customer. Images and videos may only be reproduced by the customer for personal usage.

  • A Manda Film reserved the right to place A Manda Film’s logo and website in the video, removal of A Manda Film's logo and website from the video will be subject to cost.

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