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Take storytelling to the next level with a simple photo montage revolving a Comic theme! 

Valid for 2020 Weddings 

Up to 60 Photos and 3 Songs

Ready in 1 to 20 Working Days 

Rushed Orders are still welcome if schedule permits and subject to Express Service Charge

For special requests, please contact us directly. 

Please read our terms and conditions before proceeding 


    • Valid for Wedding in 2020
    • Once payment is received, it is non-refundable.
    • Limit up to 60 pictures and 3 songs.
    • Pictures send in must be in .jpg or .png format.
    • Video will be given in .mov or .mp4 format
    • Additional pictures will be subject to $10 for every 10 photos. 
    • **It is not recommended to have more than 60 pictures as it will make the montage too long and draggy.
    • Please collage your pictures if required. (Average Montage Length: 4 mins to 4 mins 30 seconds)
    • Soft copy is provided. Hard copy (DVD or Thumb drive) is available at a top-up of $20 which includes free normal postage.
    • Production takes 1 to 20 working days to process and subject to availability. (Working day do not include Saturday / Sunday / Public Holidays). Rushed Orders are still welcome if schedule permits and subject to express service charge
    • Express Services of less than 7 working days will be available at an extra cost of $80. Please contact us first for availability first before ordering. 
    • Changes to the montage will also be subjected to 2 to 14 working days. (Changes that are informed in less than 7 working days before your actual wedding day will also be subjected to Express Charges of $50 and availability) 
    • Sugartofu Production will only process the photos once it is sent in order as per instructions stated on 
    • Please DOUBLE CHECK and confirm your pictures before transferring them over as removing, adding, changing, rearranging more than 10 pictures will be considered as working on a brand new montage and will be charged as a brand new montage.
    • Photos are advised to send in 30 working days before the actual wedding date. Please send in pictures early to avoid disappointments.
    • Sugartofu has the right to refuse work if photos are sent less than 14 working days before the actual wedding day and no refunds will be made.
    • No customisation is allowed as this is a standard template (Example: Changing fonts, moving caption designs, etc )
    • Editing of pictures is not included and it is subjected to cost. (Example: photoshop, cropping, colours, collage, addition of arrows)
    • Scanning photo services will be subjected to a service charge of $20 and availability. Additional $30 is charged for picking up the photos. (Suggestion: You can take pictures with your phone or camera instead of scanning)
    • Additional of 1 video clip at the end of the montage (Max of 1-minute length only) is free of change. Editing of given video clip will be subjected to cost.
    • Re-edits - Video will be subject to 1 consolidate revisions only. Additional revisions will be charged accordingly.
    • Technical errors will be corrected free of charge, however, a charge will be made to correct any errors reported after the final copy is supplied.
    • Music Choice - Customer may choose their choice of music if not Sugartofu will do so with royalty-free music. (Please send over the preferred songs) 
    •  It is the customer's responsibility to obtain all necessary rights for the use of all music used for the video.
    • Sugartofu will be given consent to use any images or videos for display, promotional, advertising purpose or any purpose thought proper unless informed otherwise by the customer.
    •  Copyrights will be held jointly between Sugartofu and the customer. Images and videos may only be reproduced by the customer for personal usage.
    • Sugartofu Production reserved the right to place Sugartofu Production’s logo and website in the video, removal of Sugartofu Production’s logo and website from the video will be subject to cost.
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